2020 will change the way we look at robotics


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The problem with Pixel’s adaptive charging feature

Google’s most recent Pixel Feature Drop included several new features, from contextual translation to improved home screen customization. It also brings a new Adaptive Charging feature, which sounds like it could potentially be more restrictive than first thought.

The point is to charge your phone over a period of time rather than topping it off as fast as possible, as this can degrade your device’s battery more quickly. But the way the feature is setup could be a little restrictive for certain users.

It turns out that Adaptive Charging only works under certain parameters. You must have an active alarm set sometime between 5 – 10 a.m. in order for the feature to work. You must also put your phone on a charger after 9 p.m. Otherwise, Adaptive Charging won’t kick in, and your device will charge normally.

That won’t work well with anyone who has a less-than-normal schedule every day.

Image source: Android Police

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2020 will change the way we look at robotics
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