7 things you didn’t know you could do in Google Chrome


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If you think you have Google Chrome figured out by now, think again. Apparently the browser has seven secrets that you may not know about. 

One of those secrets is the ability to send websites to other devices. If you are browsing the internet on your computer, and you want to send a website you found directly to your smartphone, tablet, or other device, you can do so easily in just a few clicks. Simply right-click on the tab at the top of the tab bar in Google Chrome, click on “send to your devices” and then select the device you want to send the website to from the drop down list. 

Another Google Chrome secret is that you can reopen a window or tab you accidentally closed. Just right-click on the new tab button and select “reopen closed tab” or “reopen closed window” and you’ll retrieve your content in just two clicks. 

What are some of the other little-known Google Chrome features that can make your life a little easier?

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