A new iPhone 13 leak just revealed the design we’ve all been waiting for


Mar 25, 2021

Big Tech Update

A new iPhone 13 leak just revealed the design we’ve all been waiting for

A new leak suggests that the iPhone 13 will finally come with a new feature that users have begged for over the last few years.

That one feature is a smaller notch at the top of the phone that houses the front facing camera and speaker. Apple has long been criticized for the obnoxiously large notch. As phone designs became sleeker and slimmer, the phone’s notch appeared more and more massive as it didn’t match the aesthetic of the latest iPhones. Some consumers and analysts have asked for the notch to be removed entirely. And while it does look like it is here to stay for now, Apple is finally taking a step in the right direction for reducing the size of the notch.

In a newly leaked image, an iPhone 13 is shown with a more sleek notch that blends well with the phone’s new design. A few other features of the iPhone 13 have also been recently leaked. What other iPhone 13 features do we know about and what does this new notch look like?

Image source: BGR / Apple

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