Amazon is working on this promising new gadget


January 07, 2021

Big Tech Update

Amazon is working on this promising new gadget

Amazon is reportedly working on a new Alexa-based gadget that is different than anything else they’ve ever done before.   

This new gadget will be able to track sleep and potentially detect sleep apnea. The device can reportedly fit in the palm of your hand and is shaped like a hexagon. Reports indicate that the gadget is intended to be placed on a user’s nightstand. 

Even more intriguing, the promising new device is expected to be contactless and will track sleep via millimeter-wave radar. The radar would detect movement and changes in breathing that could signal sleep apnea.

What else do we know about the new Alexa-enabled device that is supposedly in the works?

The Amazon logo
Image source: NBC / Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

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