Apple officially released iOS 14.6 with these new updates and features


Apple iOS 14.6 is officially here and there are several new features that are part of the new upgrade. 

One of the most popular features is support for paid podcast subscriptions. Content creators can now offer fans special episodes and ad-free podcasts for a fee. The ability to use Apple Card Family is also part of the new iOS release. This feature allows users to share your Apple Card with up to five other people. And if you’re worried about someone going on a spending spree, the feature also includes expense tracking and the ability to set spending limits. 

The new iOS 14.6 update also seamlessly integrates with the new Apple AirTag. The update’s Lost Mode feature allows you to add an email instead of a phone number in order to make tracking with an AirTag possible. Apple’s iOS 14.6 also fixes a few bugs that have been frustrating users for quite some time, including one that results in calls being disconnected while on Bluetooth. 

What other features and upgrades does the new iOS 14.6 come with?

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