Apple Take Note: You Can Park Lenovo’s New Cordless Mouse on a Wireless Charging Pad


Image: Lenovo

It’s been over five years and the second-generation Apple Magic Mouse still needs to be awkwardly flipped on its back like a turtle to be recharged with a lightning cable—rendering it unusable in the process. A better approach is what Lenovo has done with its new Go mouse, letting it rest atop a wireless charging pad when its battery is low.


The mouse is one of two products introduced as part of the new Lenovo Go accessories line. The other is a new Lenovo Go-branded USB-C power bank with 20,000 mAh capacity and 65-watt power output so that it can be used to charge a laptop as well as two other battery hungry devices at the same time. Both are available next month with the power bank going for $90, but it’s the $60 Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse that’s definitely the more interesting of the two.

Image: Lenovo

That’s not to say that Lenovo has reinvented the mouse here, with just two navigation buttons and a scroll wheel it’s a fairly mundane design. But it can connect to three different devices at the same time, allowing users to choose which one it’s controlling—a laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.—using a dedicated button on top. It’s also cordless, charging through a USB-C port on the front that means it can still be used as a mouse while it’s powering up, or it can be parked atop a Qi-compatible charging pad for a few hours when it’s not needed. Apple, are you taking notes?


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