Apple was just ordered to pay $300 million for this major violation

Apple was just ordered to pay $300 million for this major violation

Apple was the subject of a major patent violation lawsuit recently, and a Texas jury finally decided the company’s fate. According to the jury, Apple was found to have violated patents with the firm Optis and the company now must pay up. 

The decision comes on the heels of a $506 million award the jury handed Optis in 2020, but a judge decided instead to have a damages-only trial based on concerns that the jury hadn’t properly considered if that award was fair for standard-based patent violations. 

Though the award was reduced in the jury’s latest decision, Apple still must pay Optis $300 million for violating LTE service patents for several of its devices, including the iPhone and iPad. 

It appears the lawsuit in Texas is just the tip of the iceberg though, as Optis has also filed suit against Apple in the UK. Experts claim that lawsuit could result in an astounding $7 billion for Optis if the company wins.

What is the reason for the lawsuit in the UK and does Apple have plans to fight the most recent order in the US to pay Optis hundreds of millions of dollars?

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