Apple was just targeted by a huge multi-million dollar ransomware attack


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Apple is the target of a $50 million ransomware attack that resulted in the theft of some unexpected items. 

The attackers ended up stealing a ton of engineering and manufacturing schematics of current and future Apple products. The schematics were actually taken from Quanta, which is a Taiwan-based company that manufactures MacBooks and other popular devices for Apple. 

REvil, a Russian hacking group that is sometimes referred to as Sodinokibi, was responsible for the attack and theft of the schematics. Some of the stolen schematics and images have already been released by the group online. 

The group originally demanded a $50 million ransom from Quanta, but the company refused to pay the price, which is why the group began releasing some of the stolen images and schematics. REvil is now asking a ransom from Apple, and the group just made this threat if the company doesn’t comply.

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