Apple’s iOS 14.6 is already old news as a new iOS 15 leak details these new features


Apple just released iOS 14.6, but the new operating system is already old news. Consumers are now looking forward to the next release already, especially since new details just leaked about the upcoming iOS 15 update. 

The leak suggests that notifications could be getting a complete overhaul in the new OS, which would do something different with the backlog of notifications your phone receives when it is locked. Speaking of the lock screen, that is reportedly getting an overhaul too, with a new look and tools on the way. Apple’s iOS 15 could possibly allow more customization of what you can see and access on your lock screen. 

Food tracking could also be added to the new iOS update. This would allow users to monitor their diet more closely with the help of Apple’s native health app. 

What else could the new update include and when is iOS 15 expected to be announced and released? It could be a lot sooner than you think. 

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