Are holograms on the horizon? This video puts Google’s stunning new technology on display


Google is hosting its annual developers conference I/O this week, and a ton of new products and major updates have already been announced. But perhaps the most intriguing of all of those announcements so far is the company’s new Starline technology. 

Experts are calling Starline the closest thing to hologram technology that we have. Though it is not quite like the holograms we see in movies, it’s shockingly close and will certainly pave the way for more advanced holograms in the future. 

The new technology allows people to connect through a “magic window” that brings video chatting to a stunning life-like reality. Instead of a usual video chat, the person you are talking to looks like they are right in front of you. The Starline system essentially creates a three dimensional hologram of the person you are communicating with. The hologram offers stunning detail that is so real, test participants have described it as “mind-blowing.” 

So how does the new technology work and what does it look like?

Check out the video below to see the incredible new technology in action. 

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