Are LG phones officially dead now?


Apr 2, 2021

Big Tech Update

Are LG phones officially dead now?

The end of the LG smartphone era could officially be over, according to a new leak that has declared LG phones officially dead.  

While rumors have been swirling for months that LG would give up or sell its smartphone business, nothing concrete or official has been released from the company or a reputable media outlet. That is until now. 

It appears that all of the rumors are true, as a credible report out of South Korea claims LG will completely shutter its smartphone business soon. According to the leak, an official announcement can be expected as soon as Monday, April 5. 

The leak also explained that LG looked over every option, including a sale or a split-sale, but ultimately decided just to fold the smartphone side of its business entirely. And though the writing has been on the wall for LG for quite some time, what exactly went so wrong to make it come to this?

Image source: Tom’s Guide

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