Are rollable and slideable smartphone screens really on the way?


Digital Daily DownloadJanuary 30, 2021

Big Tech Update

World’s biggest drone unveiled: This is why it was made

Aevum, a space delivery startup, just unveiled the world’s biggest drone and it is unlike anything that you have ever seen before.  

The massive drone, known as the Ravn X, is a whopping 80 feet long and 18 feet tall. Aevum developed the drone to offer companies other options for getting rockets and satellites into space, without the costly launch of a ground rocket. Driven by Aevum’s specialty software, the Ravn X can fly itself to a predetermined altitude and release a rocket into space. 

If proven to be successful, this method could drastically cut the cost of rocket launches and delivery of technology, such as satellites, into orbit. Aevum says it has already secured more than $1 billion in launch contracts. What else do we know about Ravn X and when will it complete its first mission? It might be sooner than you think!

Aevum’s CEO stands in front of the world’s largest drone
Image source: Business Insider / Aevum

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Technology Innovation Curve
The arrow in the image below shows where the cryptocurrency market is at this time…

Right on the cusp of mass acceptance by mainstream users. 

But two unrelated events are about to make select cryptos household names… and… shower investors with untold fortunes

Due to these events, more people will flock to cryptocurrencies than ever before and leave fiat money (like the dollar) in the dust. 

In fact, Business Insider says, “As many as 36% of institutional investors in the US and Europe own crypto assets.” 

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Are rollable and slideable smartphone screens really on the way?

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