Are the Beats Studio Buds the best earbud option out there?

Are the Beats Studio Buds the best earbud option out there?

The new Beats Studio Buds officially hit the market on Monday, June 14. But before you invest in a new pair, do they measure up to the competition? 

Early reports and reviews indicate the new Beats Studio Buds not only measure up to Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, but they may actually beat those two options by a mile. Tech experts are largely complimentary with their recent reviews and feel the earbud market might have a new king. 

So what makes the Beats Studio Buds stand out? For starters, they provide top quality audio and have an incredibly long battery life. The Beats Studio Buds are also reportedly more comfortable than earbuds by Apple and Samsung. 

The new Buds have several other features that allow it to rise above the competition. Active noise cancellation, fast pairing for Android and iOS devices, and Apple Spatial Audio capability are some of the early favorites the Beats Studio Buds have to offer. 

What other features do these powerful new earbuds have? And what is the price on something like this anyway? 

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