August 15 | Mozilla signs new 3 year deal with Google – here are the details


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Why Fortnite was banned by Apple and Google

It’s been a rough couple of days for Epic Games. First, the company had one of its flagship games, Fortnite, booted from the Apple App Store. Now Google has kicked Fortnite out of its Play Store too.

The ban stemmed from an update that allows users to make in-app purchases directly through Epic Games. Both Apple and Google require in-app purchases to go through their respective platforms. Failing to do so cuts Apple and Google out of their 30 percent commission of all transactions.

Epic Games has already filed suit against Apple. Will the company sue Google next? Also, can users still access Fortnite on their phones without going through the App Store or Play Store? Fortnite fans might be happy to know there is a loophole for that.

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