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These 9 apps help boost your phone’s security and privacy

While Android and Apple are trying to step up their smartphone security game, an extra line of defense is never a bad thing. Lucky for you, there are nine different apps that can help improve your phone’s security and privacy.

Jumbo is one of those apps, as it helps ensure you are not sharing more information about yourself on social media than you intend. With social media privacy settings constantly changing, Jumbo can help you keep up with all of it to help create a more safe and secure social media experience.

Another app that can help is GlassWire. This app tracks your apps and alerts you if they ever interact with each other, access the internet or access your data without you prompting them. This can certainly give you peace of mind that your apps aren’t tracking your data without permission.

What other apps are available to help protect your privacy and increase your phone’s security measures? Check out the full list here!

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