August 18 | Design revealed in new iPhone 12 dummy images leak


Big Tech Update

How this hidden iOS 14 feature improves iPhone security

Lots of new and needed features are included in the iOS 14 update set to launch soon. Many of those features will help improve iPhone security. One of the most ground-breaking features is rather hidden, though, so users will need to do some digging to reap the benefits.

The new feature will allow users to decide whether or not they share their exact location with apps and services. Users will even be allowed to share an approximate location that will not allow apps, services, and potentially hackers to know your exact location.

What is the name of the new feature and how do you access it so you can utilize all the perks? What other features does Apple have up its sleeve with the new iOS 14 update? 

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Design revealed in new iPhone 12 dummy images leak

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