August 27 | Will Musk really reveal a working Neuralink device Friday?


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Motorola’s new phone has quite the impressive battery life

The iPhone SE has been incredibly popular this year with consumers because of its relatively low price without skimping too much on features. The SE may soon have some fierce competition though. The Motorola Moto G9 is a new and impressive smartphone option with an even more impressive battery, yet it retails for almost half the cost of the iPhone SE.

For around $210, consumers can purchase the Moto G9 that features a 5,000 mAh battery. For comparison, the iPhone SE’s battery is a mere 1,821 mAh. So, how do the two compare when it comes to battery life? The iPhone SE lasts a little over 9 hours on a charge, while the Moto G9 clears 11 hours easy.

What other impressive features does the Moto G9 have? Check out the list and you just might find yourself rushing out to buy one.

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