Autonomous aviation startup Xwing just made history with this first of its kind flight


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An autonomous aviation company, Xwing, just completed a flight for the history books.

While several aviation companies have plans for autonomous airplanes and flights, Xwing beat them all to the punch. Instead of building a new airplane that is specifically designed to fly autonomously, Xwing decided to take a different approach and develop software that allows existing aircraft to complete unmanned flights.

Now the company has officially made history with its recent unmanned commercial cargo flight that flew autonomously from airport to airport. A Cessna Grand Caravan 208B utility plane was outfitted with Xwing’s software that allowed the plane to be controlled remotely on its mission without a pilot on board.

So how does the company’s software work? And what else does this company have up its sleeve for unmanned flights in the future?

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