Best Nintendo Switch headphones 2021: the top Switch gaming headsets Best Nintendo Switch headphones


You will need the best Switch headphones if you want to make it as a Pokemon trainer: playing Pokemon Unite or Pokemon Sword and Shield without being able to hear the calls and cries of your Pokemon? You may as well not bother! The same goes for exploring the skies above Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Breath of the Wild – if you can’t hear the wind whooshing in your ears, what’s the point?

Further to that, if you need to chat to your mates to organize tactics in Overwatch, Apex Legends, Minecraft or Fortnite, you’re going to want clear, understandable voice chat, right? Without a good headset, and decent communication channels, what chance do you have at knocking other teams or building that inspirational megastructure you’ve been eyeing up?

If you’ve come here looking for the best Nintendo Switch headphones – accessories that deliver on sound, comfort, style, or voice chat – then you’ll be pleased to know that our team of experts has been testing releases since the hybrid handheld/home console launched. Whether you prefer in-ear or over-the-head, cheap or premium, we’ve tested them all.

Thanks to the Switch’s ubiquitous popularity, there are loads of great accessories you can buy right now – from all manner of retailers. To save you sifting through endless reams of similar headsets, when all you want is something that works, we’ve listed the best for every taste in the list below.

Read on below to learn more about the best headsets and headphones for Nintendo Switch, and be reassured that whatever you pick up will be perfect for you whether you’re on the commute or sat in bed trying not to wake up your partner. 

If you want something a bit more heavy-duty for when you’re at your desk, the best PC gaming headsets may come in handy instead.

Hyper X Cloud Alpha

(Image credit: HyperX)

Hyper X Cloud Alpha

Best mid-range

Reasons to buy

+Durable build for reckless users+Detachable microphone +Well-priced for the sound quality

Reasons to avoid

Unassuming aestheticsLow-quality microphone

A headset design synonymous with gaming, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a great choice for Nintendo Switch owners looking for a comfortable mid-range solution. This revision of the Cloud design isn’t much to look at but it’s sleek enough to blend in when you’re outdoors, especially without the noise-canceling microphone attached, even if the quality of the output isn’t much to shout about.

Having the volume control on the headset wire is useful so you can switch it up on the go, and the memory foam ear cups ensure it won’t feel itchy or uncomfortable even after long gaming sessions on the Nintendo Switch. The design is very durable due to the aluminum band up top and the braided wire, so if you’re typically reckless with your headsets, it’s well worth considering, especially for the price. 

At roughly $100 you’ll struggle to find a headset that sounds as good as the Cloud Alpha for your money, with its booming bass and defined mid-tones.

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SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

(Image credit: SteelSeries)

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

Best wireless

Reasons to buy

+Clever dongle design+Discrete aesthetics you can don in public+20 hour battery life

Reasons to avoid

No charge and playUncomfortable after long play sessions

Built to offer a wireless listening experience on the Nintendo Switch, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless is the cordless headset of your dreams if you want some quiet time with Nintendo’s lavish library. Using a small USB-C dongle, you can plug and play and get rid of the frustration of having a wire to contend with. The subtle, tactful matte black design also lets you blend in public if you want to use it across all of your devices.

With 20 hours of battery life and visceral sound to eke out all of the nuance in a Nintendo game’s score, you will definitely get your money’s worth out of this headset if your main deal-breaker is wireless functionality. And at less than $100, it’s comparable to other wired headsets of similar quality. However, as we noted in our review, the lack of padding can make the SteelSeries Arctic 1 Wireless uncomfortable after long play sessions.

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Corsair HS50

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

Best value for money

Reasons to buy

+Laid-back, polished aesthetic+Wonderfully cheap for the feature-set+Great audio quality 

Reasons to avoid

No 7.1 surround sound

If you’ve got a modest budget but you want a headset for your Nintendo Switch that is long-lasting and offers great sound quality, then you should definitely consider the Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset. 

If you don’t want the absolute cheapest device but you need something that is durable and does the job well, then it’s a total steal at roughly $50. At that price point, it’s miles cheaper than most other headsets with a similar feature-set, minus a few bells and whistles – it’s naturally not going to go toe-to-toe with the high-end headsets in terms of audio fidelity.

As well as a detachable noise-canceling microphone and a laid-back aesthetic, it’s made from sturdy parts and features 50mm drivers. This means you’ll get a crisp output that won’t completely blow your mind but will service any game, song, or video that you throw at it, sending immersive detail to your ears with ease. With massive comfy cups and a versatile 3.5mm connection, you’re bound to get more than you bargained for with this set of Switch-friendly cans.

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Beyerdynamic Custom Game

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

BeyerDynamic Custom Game

Best premium

Reasons to buy

+Awesome cardioid mic+Handy bass slider+Sturdy design

Reasons to avoid

Steep price

Enthusiasts looking for high-quality audio fidelity need look no further than the BeyerDynamic Custom Game headset. If you’re serious about how you want games on the Nintendo Switch to sound and you’re prepared to drop around $150 for the privilege, you can rest assured that the BeyerDynamic set will deliver. 

The flexible metal and cozy, sizeable ear cushions give it a comfortable but sturdy feel when worn, and ensure palpable immersion. The headset features swappable side panels, but most of the options provided (such as a “work hard/ play hard” motif)  are so cringe-inducing that you may as well stick with the standard option, especially if you want something discrete in public. 

One of its defining features is an easy-to-use bass slider – handy if you’re playing intense games with thumping soundtracks – and a top-quality cardioid mic that completely trumps the competition. If you’re bothered about how you sound when you’re giving out crisp commands to your teammates in an online multiplayer, you may want to consider dipping into your pockets for this high-end headset.

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Turtle Beach Recon 70

(Image credit: Turtle Beach)

Turtle Beach Recon 70

Best budget

Reasons to buy

+A price point that is difficult to beat+No-nonsense design+Compatible with every device

Reasons to avoid

Lack of surround soundThe materials aren’t premium

If you’re on a budget, the Turtle Beach Recon 70N is an absolute no brainer. For just under $40 you’ll get a comfortable, well-made headset, a clandestine, flip-to-mute microphone for Nintendo Switch Online multiplayer and 40 mm speakers to immerse you in the latest games.

It’s a no-nonsense option and is compatible with every current-generation console, as well as PCs and mobile phones with 3.5mm connections. As well as being versatile, it’s well worth it if you just need a headset without any of the fanciful features. The leather-wrapped cushions will help to drown out the outside world, so you can focus on what matters most: the gameplay.

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EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds

(Image credit: Future)

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds

A small, but just as mighty, option

Reasons to buy

+Decent audio quality+Great battery life+Low-latency audio support

Reasons to avoid

Mic can’t be used via dongleDoesn’t fit all ear shapesFairly expensive

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds demonstrate EPOS tentatively exploring new ground with audio hardware. It was probably inevitable that we’d see a gaming brand reach out and test the waters with earbuds, especially after Apple launched the dinky little wireless accessories into the mainstream in 2016. 

Coming in at an RRP of $199/£179, the buds land right in the middle of the gaming headset spectrum, yet they occupy a unique space thanks to the versatile connectivity EPOS has designed them with; anything with a USB port or Bluetooth connectivity will pair up with the buds. This makes them ideal for Nintendo Switch in particular, because the plug-and-play nature of the buds works wonders with the console’s versatility. 

For players that prioritize versatility, build quality, and battery life, we can’t recommend these buds enough – just be aware of the pricetag.


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