Check out NASA’s new robot that has an important mission on the moon

    Check out NASA's new robot that has an important mission on the moon

    NASA is preparing to send its first rover to the moon in decades, and the new robot will have an important mission while there.

    The new robot, known as VIPER, will spend 100 days on the moon’s surface while surveying the area known as its South Pole. While the VIPER rover will be used to explore the lunar surface, its most important mission is to find water on the moon. 

    NASA’s long term plan for returning to the moon isn’t just to visit and explore, but to one day have people live on the moon. To do so, natural resources such as water will need to be discovered and utilized. 

    And that’s why VIPER’s mission is so important. It’s not only the first time a robot has been dedicated to finding water on the moon, but the long term plans of the United States’ lunar missions depend on what the rover is able to find. 

    What else do we know about NASA’s new rover and how it will shape the future of lunar exploration? 

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