Chrome can now instantly caption audio and video on the web


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Mar 19, 2021

Big Tech Update

Which streaming service is the best of the year?

There are so many streaming services available right now that it is difficult to know which one you should use. Lucky for you, we’ve put all of the popular streaming services to the test and ranked them.

If you’re on a budget and looking to save money without sacrificing too much quality, Hulu is your best bet. At only $6 per month, Hulu has a wide variety of popular Fox, NBC, and ABC shows, as well as a growing list of original programs. It should be noted that the $6 price tag is made possible by paid ads, so don’t be surprised if you see an ad or two while watching your shows.

If free is more your speed, Peacock remains the best free streaming service on the market. The relatively new streaming platform has over 13,000 hours of free content consisting of shows, movies, news, and even live sports. If you want to upgrade and unlock even more content, you can pay as little as $5 per month (with ads) and $10 per month (without ads).

But which streaming platform was named the best overall? And where did all of the other popular streaming services fall on the list?

The Peacock streaming platform displayed on a TV
Image source: Sarah Tew / CNET

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Chrome can now instantly caption audio and video on the web

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