Could the HP Elite Folio be even better without Microsoft?

Could the HP Elite Folio be even better without Microsoft?

The HP Elite Folio is a mix of some of Samsung’s best devices, as it is a computer, tablet, and portfolio all-in-one. 

It has a classy leather exterior that makes it look like a professional portfolio. But when you open it up you will find a tablet-like computer with a pull forward screen with Snapdragon 8cx power and LTE connectivity. The versatile HP Elite Folio also has a stylus with Wacom technology. 

These features make the HP Elite Folio a compelling device that seems to have everything you need for on-the-go computing for both business and personal needs. The features not only put the device over the top, but the unique and professional design of the vegan leather cover is the added touch that makes this device popular with many consumers. 

All of those features and the unique design will cost you though, as the HP Elite Folio is priced at over $1,800. And while some may say the device is worth the price, there’s one major thing you want to keep in mind before spending the cash: Microsoft. The Windows operating system is not the best fit for the ARM device, and there are several ways it drags down the Folio’s performance.  

HP Elite Folio Video Review

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