Did Facebook really just admit defeat?


March 01, 2021

Big Tech Update

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows includes these new features

Microsoft is in the process of testing a new Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows that it hopes to launch soon.  

The app includes access to games on Microsoft’s xCloud service and will allow users to stream games from an Xbox Series S or X console and from xCloud directly to Windows PCs. Microsoft also has several new features planned for the app, including full touch support. This support will allow touchscreen devices to play Xbox games without a controller. 
Microsoft is also reportedly working on 1080p streams on xCloud to replace the current 720p streams. This upgrade would give PC users a much better and higher quality experience. What else do we know about the new app that Microsoft is working on?

Image source: Alex Castro / The Verge

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Did Facebook really just admit defeat?

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