Dodge promises the world’s first electric muscle car by 2024

Dodge promises the world's first electric muscle car by 2024

With the majority of automakers promising an all electric vehicle (EV) lineup in the next few years, Dodge dropped its own EV bombshell this week. 

The company, known for producing a popular line of powerful and high performance muscle cars, has promised to offer the world’s first full battery electric muscle car. The new car is expected to debut in 2024. 

Dodge teased the new vehicle during the Stellantis EV Day this week. In the video, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis was adamant that Dodge would not sell EVs, but would instead sell eMuscle. He went on to explain that while Dodge has an obligation to provide high performance muscle cars for its clientele, it also has the obligation to embrace EV technology. 

The small glimpses of the 2024 electric muscle car that have been provided so far makes the car look incredibly retro, which fits right in with the company’s Charger and Challenger retro-inspired lineup today. 

What else do we know about the mystery EV muscle car? Check out Dodge’s video announcement here to catch a few glimpses of the new car and to learn more about Dodge’s plans for eMuscle vehicles. 

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