Everything we know about the new iPhone 12 problems


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Everything we know about the new iPhone 12 problems

Multiple iPhone 12 users are growing increasingly disgruntled as more and more complaints about service issues with their Apple smartphones are voiced. 

While the iPhone 12 has received mostly positive reviews so far, a service issue that affects 5G and LTE coverage is becoming more widespread, much to the dismay of Apple fans. Some users are reporting multiple dropped calls throughout the day on a consistent basis. For others, their connection is spotty and inconsistent, even when in a full service area with a strong connection. 

Users are also reporting losing all reception bars suddenly and being switched to no service for long periods of time, even though they are in an area that should have full coverage. So, what’s going on with the iPhone 12? 

Has Apple acknowledged the problem? Is there anything users can do to fix the issue?

The Apple iPhone 12
Image source: Tom’s Guide

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