Feb 10 | Apple fined for slowing down older iPhones


Sprint stock surges, Moto G changes, and more…

February 10, 2020

Mobile Musings

Apple fined for slowing down older iPhones

The French government has fined Apple 25 million euros for not disclosing that downloading the latest firmware would slow down older iPhone models.

In December 2017, Apple admitted that it deliberately slowed down older iPhones, but they claim the move was to extend the life of the phones.

Of course, the revelation has fueled many conspiracy theories, with some claiming Apple slow downed older models to force customers to buy new phones.

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Industry Market Watch

Sprint stock soars over 60%

Sprint stock prices soared after news that a district judge is set to rule in favor of a Sprint/T-Mobile merger.

The telecom company’s stock jumped more than 60% on the news.

T-Mobile’s stock was up as much as 8% after the announcement.

The judge’s official decision is expected sometime tomorrow.

The newly merged company would compete directly with AT&T and Verizon.

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Gadgets & Gizmos

The Moto G Power & Moto G Stylus

The Moto G line of phones from Motorola has been a big moneymaker for the company.

As a matter of fact, it’s the main reason that the company is profitable to begin with.

For once, it seems like Motorola is finally willing to risk changing up the Moto G design and introduce a little innovation into the mid-range handset.

Check out the following video for the latest info on the new Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus:

Technology Homecoming

Smart-device hacking – how to stop it

Last year, both Amazon and Ring were slapped with lawsuits claiming their devices were vulnerable to hacking.

There have been reports of Ring cameras being hacked and the perpetrators using the devices against their owners.

Such a prospect is disturbing to anyone who has smart tech in their homes.

Many consumers have asked the question: what is the best way to protect your smart devices and your home’s privacy?

Experts agree that the most important tool against hacking is data encryption.

To find out more on encryption and how to use it to protect your devices, check out the link below: