Feb 27 | Amazon cracking down on coronavirus price gouging


February 27, 2020

Mobile Musings
Why you should be using Google Pay
If you have an Android phone with NFC capability, you should consider using the Google Pay app.

Google Pay allows you to use your phone during check out to pay for gas, groceries, and even bills at NFC/Tap-to-Pay registers.

While one of the main draws to using Google Pay is the convenience, it’s also one of the most secure ways to pay.

The app uses a digital card number to mask your actual debit/credit card information, making it near impossible for anyone to steal your information.

And it’s simple to set up!

Check out the link below to learn more:

Industry Market Watch
Amazon cracking down on coronavirus price gouging
Amazon has taken down tens of thousands of products from vendors that the online commerce giant claims were price gouging in light of the coronavirus epidemic.

It also suspended the sale of over 1 million items that made false claims about killing or preventing the spread of the virus.

“There is no place for price gouging on Amazon,” said a spokesperson for the company.

The move comes as coronavirus continues to spread, with new cases popping up in Italy, Iran, and South Korea.

For more information, check out the following link:

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This video details the #1 tech stock of 20205G has been promised for years.

And now, it’s finally here.

As of today, one in 10 Americans has 5G access.

By year’s end… almost 100% of the country will be 5G-capable.Stocks have already shot up in anticipation of its arrival.

Extraordinary gains like 11,567%… 8,580%… 7,311%…

The list goes on and on.

But the anticipation of 5G’s arrival pales with the impact it will have when it’s here.

In this video, I announce the details behind my Number One tech stock of 2020.

Gadgets & Gizmos
The RG350: perfect retro gaming handheld
Thanks to some dedicated coders and programmers, the RG350 delivers the best retro gaming experience available on the market.

The handheld console comes with some of the best hardware to date from a third party manufacturer.

While many of these handheld systems suffer from poor hardware implementation, the RG350 is well made and responsive.

However, you’ll have to provide your own ROMS if you want to play vintage games.

Check out more on the RG350 at the following link:


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