Feb 29 | Netflix Rolls Out New Daily Updated Top Ten List


February 29, 2020

Mobile Musings
iOS 14 Leak Focuses On Multitasking With iPhone 12
Though Apple’s newest iOS update is still months away, a new video leak has given us a sneak peek at some of its possible features.

It looks like iOS14 will come with a multitasking layout similar to the current iPadOS.

As iPhone’s continue to get bigger, implementing a multitasking app makes sense.

Another leak appears to show new Apple products added to Target’s upcoming inventory, per screenshots reportedly shared by employees.

Hopefully, Apple will confirm many of these rumors this spring and summer.

For a full rundown on the upcoming Apple releases, check out the link below:

Industry Market Watch
10 Stocks To Buy During Coronavirus Scare
While most Wall Street investors seem terrified of the economic impact of a spreading coronavirus, there are a few stocks you should be buying during the meltdown.

These stocks are from companies that don’t heavily rely on China or intervention from the Fed.

In fact, some of them may even thrive during the current coronavirus epidemic.

Most of the stocks are considered “stay at home” stocks, meaning the companies aren’t impacted by a drawdown of traditional consumer participation.

For example, Adobe, Etsy, and Nvidia all made the cut.

Nvidia, in particular, is set to see an upturn as gaming and data center usage may spike as people seek to stay home and distance themselves from group activities.

For a full list of the top ten stocks to buy during the coronavirus outbreak, check out the link below:

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Dominant company in a Tech Revolution
One company is about to blow nearly every other tech firm out of the water.

As one investment analyst commented: “Its numbers are truly mind-blowing.”

Thirty-one analysts recently gave this stock a massive buy/outperform rating…

That makes this company absolutely dominant in a tech revolution that is expected to explode 18,767%.

You won’t want to miss this.

Click here now to see exactly why Ian King recommends this amazing company.

Gadgets & Gizmos
Netflix Rolls Out New Daily Updated Top Ten List
The streaming giant Netflix has been testing a new top ten feature in Mexico and the UK for the last few months.

Now, the feature is rolling out worldwide.

One of the most common complaints from Netflix customers has to do with so-called content overload.

Netflix hopes to reverse that by showing subscribers the top ten most viewed shows/movies in their country.

The stats will be updated on a daily basis and will hopefully reduce content-fatigue and indecision on the part of viewers.

Netflix is banking on the new feature setting it apart from the growing list of content streaming competitors.

For more details, check out the link below:


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