Flying cars are on the horizon – you can even put a down payment on one today

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Flying cars could make an appearance a lot sooner than you think. As a matter of fact, you can already put a down payment on one if you’re interested in owning a flying car one day. 

Silicon-based startup NFT has announced that it is accepting deposits for its very first flying car, the Aska. Though the car was announced in 2019, the company now has a showroom open to show off the car and collect deposits from customers who want to be part of its founders club by committing to purchase one of the first few flying cars. 

The Aska has folding wings, a 150 mph top speed, a 250 mile range, and dual gas motors. The car can also be driven on normal roads after folding its wings in. A cool $5,000 can hold one of the flying cars for you if you want to lay claim on one of the first available Askas. 

But when will the flying car officially hit the market? And what else do we know about this futuristic ride? Check out all of the information here, including a video that details the Aska.

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