Google’s new Pixel 5a will be the last to come standard with this accessory

Google's new Pixel 5a will be the last to come standard with this accessory

Google finally announced the Pixel 5a smartphone on Tuesday, and it will be surprisingly affordable. Being priced at $449, the device has an excellent chance of competing head-to-head with the low-cost iPhone SE. 

The new Pixel 5a 5G smartphone has a 6.3-inch holepunch display, a stout 4,620mAh battery, 6GB RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip. The new display offers slightly more available screen space than the Pixel 4a, which should give the phone an edge over the smaller iPhone SE. 

Google’s new phone also features a dual camera setup with ultrawide and traditional lenses and includes IP67 water resistance. And while it appears Google spent a lot of time and effort making the Pixel 5a better so it could more directly compete with the iPhone SE, the company did take one page out of Apple’s book. 

According to Google, the new Pixel 5a will be the last Pixel device to be sold with this standard accessory.

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