Here are some of the best tech deals we expect to see during Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, as the big Amazon sales event is happening in June this year. As always, you can expect quite a few tech deals as part of Prime Day, but which devices will be marked down? 

The Ring Doorbell is usually one of the best deals during Prime Day, and you shouldn’t expect much different this year. So if you’re in the market for a smart doorbell, it’s probably best to wait for Amazon’s big sale before you purchase one. The Ring Doorbell 3 is expected to have a deep discount this year, with a rumored price of $120, which is a $60 savings. 

Amazon’s waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is also expected to be on sale. Consumers can potentially snag this eReader for just under $100, saving about $45. The latest version beats all of the competition, as it’s one of the only waterproof eReaders and has the amazing backlight technology that most Kindles are famous for. 

What other popular devices can you expect to go on sale for Prime Day? 

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