Here are some of the most common Spotify problems and how to fix them


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Here are some of the most common Spotify problems and how to fix them

Spotify users are well-aware of several common issues that seem to plague the music streaming service from time-to-time. Now, we have a list of ways to fix those problems. 
Having playlists removed randomly is one of the big issues Spotify tends to have.
Thankfully, if you’re missing a playlist, it can be pretty easy to get it back. Simply go to Spotify’s website and log into your account. Under your account overview, there is a “recover playlists” option. Using this option, you can choose to restore any playlists that have ever been deleted for any reason. 

Another common issue that users complain about is Spotify features, such as “Daily Mixes” not showing up. Simply logging out and back into your account usually fixes this problem, but on rare occasions it requires a complete app uninstall and reinstallation.

What other common Spotify issues have surprisingly simple fixes?
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