Here’s an exclusive look at Valve’s new Steam Deck

Here's an exclusive look at Valve's new Steam Deck

Valve has an answer for the Nintendo Switch, and the company unveiled it on Thursday. The new Steam Deck is a handheld PC gaming device that is available for preorder today. 

The new device lets you play any of your Steam games on-the-go, making it a portable gaming option with an incredible library of gaming titles to choose from. The Steam Deck is very similar to the Nintendo Switch, with similar controls and a docking station. 

It has a 7-inch display, dual track pads, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities and much more. The gaming system also has a stout battery that offers hours of gaming between charges. 

While preorders open today for the new system, don’t expect to get your hands on one until December. But if you want to see first-hand how the new device works and learn about more features, we have an exclusive video that gives you a sneak peek.

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