Here’s how I made $325,317 last year


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I’ve been a finance professional for over 25 years.

I have my PhD in finance, and I’ve held pretty much every job in finance: stockbroker, hedge fund manager, you name it…

But in 2019 I did something most Americans might find impossible, and I made over $325,317 in one of my investment accounts. The picture above is from my personal brokerage account.

Today, over 75,000 people are following my recommendation about what to do with their money right now.

You see, there’s a rare phenomenon occurring in the stock market for the next 12 months that gives you a fantastic opportunity to grow your wealth.

I recently put together a full presentation on exactly what’s happening… why… and what you should do about it.

The presentation has already gone viral, but you can view it for a limited time here.

Research Specialist, Stansberry Research


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