Here’s what to expect at the big E3 2021 gaming conference

Here's what to expect at the big E3 2021 gaming conference

The major video game conference E3 took a year off due to the pandemic, but now it is officially coming back this year with all kinds of news and updates in the gaming industry. 

E3 will be a four-day conference this year and will feature major news and new trailers for upcoming games. The event is hosted by the Entertainment Software Association, and the association will present the entire conference virtually this year. 

A lot of exciting news is expected at the event as the industry celebrates 2020 as a record-breaking year for gaming. Additionally, new games and other major news is expected. Battlefield 2042 is expected to be revealed and a major press conference with Xbox and Bethesda will happen on Sunday during the conference. Nintendo is also slated to have a press conference on the same day. 

What other games, news, and updates are expected to be revealed? And when should you mark your calendar to tune in? Lucky for you, it’s completely free to watch the event online.

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