How good is the new iPad Pro? This video review tells all


The new iPad Pro is on the market, but is the upgrade worth your money? 

There are two versions of the new iPad Pro: A 12.9 inch and a smaller 11 inch version. The larger Pro starts at $1,099, while the 11 inch starts at $799. With Apple’s past iPad Pro upgrades, many argued the new features and subtle differences weren’t really enough to justify an upgrade. But the iPad Pro 2021 changes that. 

Perhaps the best new feature of the new iPad Pro is the stunning Mini LED display (which is only available in the larger model). This technology lights the display pixels from behind, allowing for a vibrant, crisp, and colorful display. And while the smaller Pro only has an LCD display, Apple stepped up its game with this, as this display is pretty solid as well. 

Both versions of the new iPad Pro have blistering fast M1 processors and center stage cameras that can track faces during video calls. What other features do you need to know about and what are a few cons you should be aware of as well? Check out the full video review for all of the information you need. 

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