How will Jeff Bezos’ space flight differ from Richard Branson’s?

How will Jeff Bezos' space flight differ from Richard Branson's?

Former Amazon CEO and current Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos is set to visit space this week. And while Richard Branson contends he beat Bezos to space earlier this month, Bezos isn’t buying that. Bezos continues to insist that Branson didn’t actually make it to space, while his Blue Origin Flight will. So how will Bezos’ space flight differ from Branson’s anyway?

For starters, Bezos will board a rocket to make it to space, whereas Branson took a plane above the clouds and then a space capsule the rest of the way to the edge of space. Bezos will also fly much higher than Branson, with his rocket going above the Kármán Line, which is approximately 62 miles up. Branson’s space flight was very short of that line, as he went about 55-57 miles up. 

How else do the two flights differ and what else do you need to know before the big Blue Origin launch on Tuesday? 


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