How will SpaceX help NASA get astronauts back on the moon?

    How will SpaceX help NASA get astronauts back on the moon?

    Though it hasn’t been without controversy, SpaceX won the NASA contract to help support the Artemis moon mission, meaning the space travel giant will supply the lunar lander that will finally put astronauts back on the moon. But how will such an innovative collaboration work?

    NASA wants astronauts to ride in its own space capsule, Orion, launched into orbit by its own rocket, but it needs SpaceX’s help to get Orion to the moon with a lunar lander. 

    That’s where the company’s new Starship comes in. Prototypes of the rocket have been tested on several occasions, with a few mishaps, and even explosions, here and there.

    The innovative lunar lander will use similar technology to get the Orion space capsule to the surface of the moon. Once in space, the lander will link up with the space capsule and then take it the rest of the way to the moon. It will then slowly land upright on the surface of the moon, much like was displayed in the last successful Starship test and landing in Texas. 

    So what’s the status of the contract and what is the timeline to get astronauts back on the moon?

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