Huawei is shrinking in a desperate attempt to stay alive


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Huawei is shrinking in a desperate attempt to stay alive

Huawei is scaling back its smartphone business in a desperate attempt to survive. The company just dumped its budget smartphone lineup in a selloff to over 30 Chinese buyers and investors. 

The Trump administration has blocked Huawei’s access to technology, chipsets, and software that are vital to its smartphone lineup and 5G network equipment. Several Washington DC officials have labeled Huawei as a national security threat, though Huawei adamantly denies such. 

Regardless, Huawei continues to face hurdles for succeeding and staying alive in the super competitive smartphone and technology market. 

Will shrinking the company be the move Huawei needs to make to survive in the long run?

The Huawei logo on a smartphone
Image source: Karlis Dambrans / Shutterstock

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