Incredible new audio and video was just revealed from China’s Mars rover

Incredible new audio and video was just revealed from China's Mars rover

The United States isn’t the only country with a space vehicle on Mars, as China also has a rover exploring the planet’s surface. 

Over the weekend, China released new video and audio footage of it’s rover in action. The footage covers the rover Zhurong’s first few days on the red planet, from its landing and deployment to its first moments in action. 

A mesmerizing panoramic image is included that puts into perspective just how far Zhurong traveled from its landing platform. 

Video footage from Mars is extremely rare, with audio being even more rare. NASA released audio footage of its Mars helicopter several weeks ago in the first known audio recorded on the red planet and released to the public. 

So what does China’s rover look and sound like while exploring the surface of Mars?

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