Is an iPad Air 5 with an OLED display in the works?

Is an iPad Air 5 with an OLED display in the works?

Apple reportedly has a new iPad in the works that could finally ditch the dated LCD display. 

The new iPad Air 5 is slated to drop next year, and it is rumored that the refreshed device will feature an OLED display. Reports suggest that this will be the only iPad model with an OLED display available in 2022 and it will have a 10.68-inch screen. 

In 2023, Apple is expected to release two additional iPad OLED devices, one with an 11-inch screen and the other with a 12.9-inch display. Rumors suggest versions of the iPad Air and possibly the iPad Pro will have the new OLED display. 

Apple is also working toward using flexible glass in its OLED displays. While that feature is out of the question for a 2021 iPad Air with an OLED display, an iPad with a flexible glass OLED display could hit the market in 2023. 

How else is Apple working to revamp the iPad and what other new features can you expect to see in the next year or two?

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