Is BMW’s crazy electric scooter concept going to hit the market soon?

Is BMW's crazy electric scooter concept going to hit the market soon?

BMW recently created an electric scooter concept that is both innovative and futuristic. The design was so wild that no one expected it to actually hit the market. But BMW just proved all of the critics wrong. 

Though BMW toned down the design a bit for a public debut, the new scooter still looks like something pulled from a sci-fi or anime movie. Now BMW is ready to share the innovative scooter with the world. 

The scooter was made for urban commuters looking for a more environmentally friendly and less expensive way to get around town. It features a massive 10.25-inch LCD screen, has an 81-mile range, and can top out at a whopping 75 miles per hour. 

If the new scooter sounds like something you want to purchase, you’ll have to wait until sometime next year to get your hands on one. Oh, and it will set you back $16,000, which is twice the price of the Vespa Elettrica. But in all fairness, the Elettrica is a much slower scooter than BMW’s. 

Be sure to learn about more tech features the new BMW scooter has and check it out in action in this video. 

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