Is the electric Ford F-150 the most important EV since the Tesla Model S?

Is the electric Ford F-150 the most important EV since the Tesla Model S?

Electric vehicles are becoming quite popular in the United States, as major automakers are pledging to switch their entire lineups to electric technology in the next few years. Tesla has certainly paved the way for this and has served as a pioneer in the EV industry. But industry experts are saying Ford has developed the most important EV since the Tesla Model S. 

The electric Ford F-150 Lightning is already a huge success, as experts and consumers are both impressed with the electric truck. But why is the electric F-150 such a big deal? For starters, the F-150 Lightning is the perfect example of the automotive industry’s past meeting its future. It takes an iconic vehicle that was extremely popular with consumers and brings it back in an innovative way, hence the excitement surrounding the vehicle’s launch. 

Another reason why the electric Lightning is a groundbreaking EV is because of its affordability. The truck starts at just under $40,000, which is an incredible price for an electric truck, or for any electric vehicle for that matter. 

But why else is the Ford F-150 Lightning setting the standard in the EV industry? Check out this video to learn more and to get a look at the truck in action!

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