Latest leak reveals a dramatic new design for Apple AirPods 3


Mar 12, 2021

Big Tech Update

WatchOS 7.4 is bringing new features to the Apple Watch

The next big WatchOS update will bring some much needed new features to your Apple Watch.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated features that will be rolled out soon is the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. With WatchOS 7.4, you can opt in to a feature on your iPhone that will allow you to use your Apple Watch to authenticate Face ID. This especially comes in handy when you are wearing a mask and is a step in the right direction for making Face ID more useful during a pandemic.

WatchOS 7.4 will also allow you to cast Apple Fitness Plus to any Airplay 2 device directly from your Apple Watch. What else do we know about these two new features and has Apple confirmed a rollout date?

Image source: CNET / Angela Lang

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Latest leak reveals a dramatic new design for Apple AirPods 3

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