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Amazon’s Cyber Monday Switch deals aren’t amazing, but I did find Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless Battle Pads for down from $49.99 to $42.50. There are two variations of this Gamecube-style controller: a Zelda one and a Mario one. Both are the same price, with the same capabilities so it just depends with Nintendo character is your fav. My personal pick would be Zelda, though.

While not made by Nintendo, these Hori controllers are officially licensed third-party products – and I’ve always found Hori products to be of decent quality. 


(Image credit: Nintendo)

Wahoo! Cyber Monday Amazon deals have gone live in the US, giving us plenty more deals to peruse. Straight away, I can see there’s up to 67% off select Nintendo Switch Games right now.

Just some of the discounts include the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey for $41.99, Overcooked: All You Can Eat (one of my favorites) for $23.99 and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for $35. And those are only some of the Nintendo Switch game deals Amazon has available.


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As there’s been a change of guard since my last shift, I thought I would annoy the TechRadar team members who are on this morning too by asking what their favorite Switch game is – and then checking if it’s on sale.

Gerald Lynch, TechRadar’s Executive Editor said that his favorite Switch game is Inside. Luckily, as Gerald pointed out, Inside is on sale right now – in fact, it’s just $1.99 at the Nintendo Game Store right now (down from $19.99). In the UK, it’s down from £17.99 to £1.79. Excellent choice from Gerald. 

Tom Power, our Entertainment Writer (and Nintendo traitor) picked Sonic Mania as his favorite. Which, unfortunately, isn’t seeing any deals right now. Thanks, Tom.

Maybe John Loeffler, TechRadar Computer Writer, will bring us better luck with his pick of the newly released Metroid Dread. While there’s not much in the way of discounts on Metroid Dread standalone, in the UK, we are seeing quite a few Nintendo Switch bundles which pack in Metroid Dread, like this Switch OLED (White) & Metroid Dread bundle for £339.98 at Very or this standard Nintendo Switch bundled with Metroid Dread for £289.99 at Game.

Want to make your handheld Nintendo Switch experience a bit more comfortable? Then you should consider this Amazon deal on the Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro, which sees $5 off the handy Switch accessory. Sure, it’s not a massive discount but, if like me, you have small hands or find the Switch a bit uncomfortable to hold in handheld mode, then it’s worth taking a look. 

This ergonomic controller clips onto your Switch screen, essentially replacing joy-cons, to make your Nintendo Switch feel more like a fully-fledged handheld device – though you could always buy the Switch Lite if you prefer a solely handheld Switch experience.

Annoyingly, the Hori is currently listed as ‘in stock soon’. You can still order it now, but don’t expect it to arrive until between December 2 and December 29.

Ring Fit

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Hello, hello folks. It’s 6:30am here in the UK so it’s time Hamish got some sleep and I – Gaming Editor Vic Hood – once again took the reigns of highlighting lovely PS5 deals for you this Cyber Monday morning.

So, right off the bat, what are some good deals I’ve spotted as I sip my (very much needed) coffee? It looks like Walmart is still offering Breath of the Wild for $35,, but Amazon’s Ring Fit Adventure deal is now sold out. You can, however, pick Ring Fit up at Best Buy right now (albeit for its full $74.99 price). But, as I said earlier, I still think it’s worth grabbing, even if it’s not discounted – and maybe the image above of our EIC Gareth Beavis using it inexplicably outside may sway you.

I’m expecting some excellent new Cyber Monday Switch deals to drop this morning too, so let me get appropriately caffeinated and I’ll start throwing them your way,

Hey everybody, Hamish here! I’m hopping in from the Cyber Monday Xbox deals live blog to lend a hand with Nintendo Switch deals – aren’t I just awesome? I think so.

Don’t worry I won’t bore you with deals like this one which gets you an Xbox Series S with an additional controller for $349.98 nor that new subscribers can currently get their first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1/£1 at Microsoft right now.

No, instead I want to highlight this $19 128GB SanDisk Micro SD card at Amazon – it’s officially licensed for the Nintendo Switch and comes with a Mario Super Mushroom stamped onto it. While you don’t need an official Nintendo one it’s just generally a great deal.

In the UK you can get the same SD card for just £16.49 from Currys. It’s the perfect tool for storing all your new digital game purchases.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Craving some classic Mario action? No, I’m not talking about any of this 3D stuff that Super Mario 64 made popular back in 1996. I’m talking about running across a 2D plane, moving from the left to right, jumping on Goombas as you go.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, which is admittedly the most long-winded name for a video game to date, is only £29.99 at Very, which is a spicy meatball of a good deal in my opinion. It’s down to $39.99 at GameStop in the US, too.

While it may be a spruced-up port of the Wii U game of the slightly less long-winded name, there’s no denying that NSMBUD (wow, it’s even long-winded as an acronym) is classic platforming at its best. You can even play with up to four players, though things do get pretty hectic when that happens.

Waluigi PowerA deal

(Image credit: PowerA)

Because life is unfair, we now know that Waluigi is never ever coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after the final DLC character was revealed. Sure, he’s an assist trophy in the game, but the lanky, purple-clad bad lad deserved to be on the main roster dammit.

I know I shared a great Switch controller deal below, but in memory of Waluigi being forever robbed, you should buy this simply wonderful Waluigi PowerA controller for just $36.99, which is 33% off right now. 

This wireless controller has up to 30 hours of charge and includes two mappable gaming buttons. It also comes with a 10ft charging cable, should you need a little juice during those online games of Smash Bros.

Monster Hunter Rise

(Image credit: Capcom)

Here’s a Switch game I’d probably buy if it was on offer – Monster Hunter Rise. Imagine if it was down to, I don’t know… $24.99 – that’s $15 off the usual asking price. That would be a pretty tempting deal, wouldn’t it? 

Wait a minute… Monster Hunter Rise is $24.99 from GameStop! And it’s not even a pre-owned copy! It’s new and sealed so you get the satisfaction of removing the shrink-wrapped plastic. 

If you’ve never played Monster Hunter before, it’s time to rectify that. This is a game that lets you take down huge snarling beasts, craft weapons and armor out of their materials, and team up with other players online. It’s incredibly fun, and the type of game you can sink hours and hours into.

Woman playing Nintendo Switch while wearing the Epos H3 Hybrid

(Image credit: EPOS)

The Epos H3 are comfortable, have a fantastic microphone, and sound brilliant. They may be wired, but it means they’ll not only work on your Nintendo Switch, but every other device you own that has a headset jack. 

They’re down to $87 at Amazon in the US and £84.97 in the UK, which is a saving of $12. I’m a big fan of this headset and said in my Epos H3 review “if you’re looking for a wired headset that delivers in every area that matters – audio quality, comfort, and crystal-clear communication – the Epos H3 won’t let you down.”

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a must if you like to play your Switch in TV Mode, but the problem is… it’s rather expensive. 

Well, not anymore! GameStop has a great deal on Nintendo’s controller, but you need to add the item to the cart to see the price. Using my investigative journalism skills, I’ve discovered that the Pro Controller can be yours for just $49.99, which is a pleasing discount of 20 bucks.

It’s likely this deal will sell out fast, so if you’ve had your eye on Nintendo’s sleek pad, pick it up now.

Sadly the official Pro Controller isn’t on sale in the UK, but this wireless alternative from PowerA is £10 cheaper than Nintendo’s pad and has great reviews on Amazon. There are also loads of fun designs to choose from.

Press image of the Nintendo Switch OLED

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It’s-a me, Adam Vjestica – TechRadar’s Senior Gaming Writer. Would you believe me if I told you I’m wearing a Nintendo branded jumper right now? I bought it from the Nintendo NYC store before all this pandemic malarkey started. 

I’m taking over this live blog to carry on the fantastic work of my colleague, Vic Hood, who’s probably sleeping right now. Am I jealous? No, because I get the pleasure of bringing you all of the best Nintendo Switch deals, and there’s plenty to shout about.

Let’s start with this cracker for UK readers. Currys has the Nintendo Switch OLED with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a 256GB micro SD card for £369. That’s everything you’ll need to have the best Christmas ever. If Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn’t for you, Currys also has other Switch OLED bundles available.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday SD deals

(Image credit: Future)

Let’s be honest, Nintendo Switch consoles don’t come with a whole bunch of storage. Sure, the new Switch OLED’s 64GB is considerably more than the standard Switch’s 32GB but, regardless of which console you’re using, you’ll likely find that storage gets used up pretty quickly through a mixture of screen captures, videos and (of course) game installations. 

Fortunately, unlike with some consoles (cough, PS5, cough) increasing the Switch’s internal storage is easy peasy. All you need to do is pop a micro SD card into the console’s built-in memory card slot. Told you it was simple. 

If, like me, you’re finding yourself having to constantly delete games and videos to make room on your device, it’s probably about time to pick up an SD card for Switch. Luckily, right now at Amazon, there are a bunch of Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch SD card deals available in both the US and UK. 

Those in the US can pick up some of our favorite micro SDs for less, with the SanDisk 256GB microSDXC Card discounted to $39.99and the SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC price slashed to $44.99. In the UK, there’s £62.55 of the Integral 1TB Micro SD Card and the SanDisk Extreme 128 GB microSDXC is just £16.99.

Ring Fit Adventure

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Remember when the pandemic first hit and you couldn’t get hold of Ring Fit Adventure for love nor money? Well, now you can – and for a discount.

Ring Fit Adventure is currently $54 at Amazon, saving you $25.99. But there are only a few left in stock at the time of writing so you better act fast. I won’t beat around the bush, we saw many more discounts on Ring Fit Adventure around Black Friday – but, unfortunately, most of those deals have dried up. 

But, Ring Fit Adventure is one of only a few Switch games/accessories that I would suggest picking up at this time of year, even if there’s no discount. I personally plan to dust mine off in the New Year, as I look to fulfill my resolution of exercising more as I look to rehab an ankle injury I currently have – because if you’re not exercising while fighting a big ol’ dragon creature then are you really exercising at all? If you’re a bit anxious about exercising in public too, Ring Fit Adventure is perfect for providing a challenging workout from the comfort of your own home – plus it’s just good fun. 

It’s easily one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories available right now.

Have you ever considered a refurbished gadget? You should – they come with the same warranty and the damage – if there even is any – will be cosmetic, and you can save a packet.

For instance, you can get a Nintendo Switch for £274… but with the Cyber Monday deals, you can get it for 20% off, taking it to £218. And it’s in good condition too – definitely worth a look if you want to save a bob or two.

cheap Nintendo Switch game deals sales

(Image credit: Future)

I decided to ask around the TechRadar team to see what everyone’s favorite (aka the best) Nintendo Switch game is – and then checked whether there’s a deal on that particular title right now. 

Computing Writer Jessica Weatherbed said her favorite game is Hades, a dungeon-crawling, mythical thirst trap – which isn’t a surprise if you know her. Right now, Hades is discounted but only in the UK, at the Nintendo eShop. Sorry US peeps.

Jamel Smith, TechRadar’s intern, said his favorite Switch game is Luigi’s Mansion 3. We don’t hold it against him, because legally we can’t until he’s a full-time member of staff, and because right now Walmart is offering a $10 discount on Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Phones Editor, James Peckham, played it safe by picking Switch classic Super Mario Odyssey. It is on our best Switch games list, we’ll give him that. Plus, Walmart is offering Super Mario Odyssey for just $35.23 (a $5 saving) right now

TechRadar’s resident wholesome Nintendo dweeb (also known as our News & Features Editor) Henry St Leger claimed Hollow Knight is the best Switch game – when forced to only pick one. Unfortunately, Henry doesn’t seem to want any of you to save money, because Hollow Knight isn’t on sale right now – sorry.

Vic Hood, TechRadar’s Gaming Editor (aka me), obviously has selected the correct best Switch game – and it’s even on sale right now. What Remains of Edith Finch is currently just £5.29 at the Nintendo UK store right now, meaning you save over £10 on its usual cost.

Breath of the Wild

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch launched four years ago and during that time we’ve seen plenty of Switch games hit the family-friendly console. Yet, it’s one of the original Switch’s launch games that arguably remains the console’s most popular title to this day.

That’s right, I’m talking about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Zelda’s first Switch entry is still considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time, never mind on Switch, so it’s still a welcome sight to see BOTW on sale.

Right now, Walmart is offering Breath of the Wild for $35, meaning you save nearly $7 on its usual $41.99 RRP. it’s not the lowest price we’ve seen for BOTW, as it dropped to $29.99 back in 2019, but it’s still a decent price for one of the best games ever.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundle header image

(Image credit: Future)

We’ve got bad news – this familiar (but fantastic) Nintendo Switch bundle deal at Best Buy has just gone out of stock… but we are seeing some stock stay around, so it may be that the bundles (and there are many, but most are out of stock) will return.

So what made this bundle so good? Well, it packs in the Nintendo Switch (Neon), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month subscription for Nintendo Switch Online for $299.99 – that’s pretty good value seeing as buying all these items separately would cost you $370 at full price. 

If you’re in the UK, don’t fret, you can still pick up this excellent Nintendo Switch deal. This same bundle is available for £259.99 at My Nintendo Store right now.


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