March 17 | Amazon changes shipping priority, Tesla shutting down CA factory, Samsung chip demand, and more…


Amazon shifts priority to medical supplies, household basics

Amazon is now prioritizing shipments of medical supplies and household staples that come into its warehouses.

Amazon has been making several quick changes to respond to shoppers flocking online to buy goods amid shortages.

The change comes after the company announced a big hiring blitz on Monday.

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Tesla told to shut down California factory to help fight the coronavirus

Facebook is giving $1,000 to all of its 45,000 employees

By year’s end… almost 100% of the country will be 5G-capable. Stocks have already shot up in anticipation of its arrival.

This video details the #1 tech stock of 2020

Samsung expects chip demand growth despite coronavirus turmoil

Jabra’s New Workout Earbuds Are Perfect
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