March 5 | Nokia Revealing First 5G Phone


March 5, 2020

Mobile Musings
Nokia Revealing First 5G Phone
Nokia’s first 5G phone will be unveiled on March 19 in London. HMD Global, which makes Nokia phones, said Thursday it’s the official phone partner for the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die.

No word yet on what the new phone will be named or when it will become available. The Nokia 7.2 will also be used in the new 007 film.

The new phone from Nokia adds to the growing list of currently available and upcoming 5G phones in the US.
Check out all of the details for Nokia’s new 5G phone at the link below:
Industry Market Watch
Lyft is the latest tech company to send employees home over coronavirus
Ridesharing company Lyft has advised its San Francisco employees to go home after learning one staff member was in contact with someone exposed to coronavirus, or COVID-19.

The response is another in a slew of tech companies sending employees home to limit the chance of coronavirus spreading among staff.

Earlier this week, Twitter encouraged all staff members to work from home.

Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Google also advised some staff to work remotely based on fears of exposure.

For the full story, checkout the link below:

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Urgent Briefing from E.B. Tucker
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Gadgets & Gizmos
Spare Tire In A Pill? Goodyear Set To Make It Happen
With a normal tire, once the tread is worn out, that’s it for the tire; to the junkyard or recycling center it goes.

At the core of Goodyear’s reCharge concept  is a “pill” which is more like a cartridge, which contains a biodegradable compound based on one of the toughest substances in nature—spider silk.

Different cartridges could produce different tires. Changing to your winter rubber would be as easy as sliding one of these fluid filled cartridges into the center of each of your wheels.

For more information on this new tech, head to the link below:


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