Nokia hopes to gain a competitive edge with this $415 smartphone

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It’s no secret that Nokia has been struggling as of late. While Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the smartphone market, Nokia has been scrambling to compete. 

In its attempt to take on Apple and Samsung, Nokia may have just found a solution. The company launched a new phone Thursday through its mobile brand HMD Global. The new phone is priced competitively at $415. A few other budget models were also released, but the $415 Nokia X20 is the standout with the best chance of competing with Apple and Samsung. 

The new X20 features a 6.67-inch screen, a four camera setup on the back, and 5G capability. One of the cameras featured on the phone is 64 megapixels. It also has a new dual sight feature that allows two of the cameras to take pictures simultaneously so you can capture different angles. What other features does the new Nokia phone have? And does this mean Apple and Samsung should start to worry?

The new Nokia X20 smartphone
The new Nokia X20 smartphone Image source: Ryan Browne / CNBC

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