Everything you need to know about the next-generation Xbox


Big Tech Update

Zoom rolls out new tools that help you block disruptive people

Zoombombers, uninvited attendees to online Zoom meetings, are unfortunately a thing and Zoom is finally doing something about it. 

If you’ve ever had a Zoom meeting that was disrupted by an uninvited guest, Zoom has developed a few features that can help you get your online meetings back in order. The first feature is called Suspend Participant Activities. This feature allows meeting hosts and co-hosts to pause meetings, remove the disruptive user, and notify Zoom. 

The other feature that Zoom rolled out is the Report By Participants tool that allows users to immediately report an intruder to Zoom. Any participant in a Zoom meeting can use this feature to flag and stop potential security threats.

What other features are available and how can users get them?

The Zoom logo on a laptop screen
Image source: Zoom via MGN

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