Now is the worst time to buy this smartphone


January 09, 2021

Big Tech Update

Will Apple and Google ban social media platform Parler?

Apple and Google are facing mounting pressure to remove the social media platform Parler from the App Store and the Google Play Store.    

Calls for the ban stem from complaints of user content promoting, and even calling for, violence. Parler is a predominantly conservative social media platform that is less moderated than other social media channels and offers users the ability to post content relatively uncensored.  

After the rally that turned into a riot in Washington DC this week, Apple and Google were flooded with complaints about questionable content that was deemed to help coordinate, facilitate, and spur on the violence and destruction that took place in Washington.
Apple has reportedly issued an ultimatum to Parler before threatening to ban the app for good from the App Store.

What are Apple’s demands and will Google follow suit?

Parler displayed on a laptop screen
Image source: Olivier Douliery / AFP via Getty Images / The Verge

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Now is the worst time to buy this smartphone

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